Everyone is welcome from 6:30-7PM on the First Tuesday of Every Month for a Night of Prayer

Weekly Tuesday evening prayer meetings (7-8:30pm) with a focus on the church ministries, special events, needs, and pastoral team

The New Life Church Prayer Team is a group of volunteers devoted to promoting prayer in and by New Life Church and its members in a confidential manner.

All Christians should pray, as Jesus encouraged when on earth in various times and settings in the gospels, including Luke 18:1 where he gives a parable indicating we should pray and not faint. In his letter to Romans, Paul also encourages us to pray continuously (Romans 12:12). As such, one of the goals of the prayer team is to promote and encourage individual church members to develop their prayer lives through providing prayer opportunities and aids. Making prayer become a habit of church members will strengthen both the church and the individual members in the spiritual battle Christians are involved in.

The prayer team comes together and alongside individuals to intercede for the needs of the church, its ministries, individual church members, and our communities. In addition, under the leadership of the pastoral team, they minister in corporate prayer times.

Aspects of the corporate prayer include:

  • Praying for individual church members with their needs at the end of each church service (listen for the announcement at the end of service stating prayer team members are coming forward to pray with people)
  • Worship and prayer services as organized by the church
  • Times of fasting and prayer as led by the pastoral team (congregational or specific to prayer team)


We also spend time praying in the prayer room during services asking for God’s anointing on all who minister.

The prayer team also prays for individual prayer requests during the week.

You can submit individual requests for prayer by:

  • Writing your request on the connection card
  • Filling out the form below